Strawberry Land

It has been strawberry season in South Korea for a few months now. I have enjoyed these little bursts of sugar and vitamins for the duration of time they’ve been out, conveniently packaged and ready for washing.

But this weekend, enjoying these little red fruits was especially indulgent.

I was fortunate enough to explore the behind-the-scenes action of a Korean strawberry farm. In Korea, the fruits and vegetables have a bit of a different season than what I’m used to, as many of the crops are set up to grow in these white covered domes around the countryside.

While in one of these domes, I had a lot of fun picking the strawberries, as well as partaking in on-the-spot taste testing. It was a crisp day on the outside, but inside, the farmers are able to simulate a rather warm and humid ecosystem.

Once the strawberries are taken from their source, it is time to sort and package them. I got to go into this behind the scenes action as well, where we put stickers on lids and covered boxes of presentable strawberries to be sent off to a popular supermarket.

These large strawberries were considered to be the most attractive, as they are later shipped to the more expensive consumer havens, while the smaller, less fully-formed specimens are packaged separately and sent to usual markets. However, they taste the same.

I sure love working at the strawberry farm for a few hours!

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    1. Hi Jayne-this is around Hapcheon, in the Gyeongsan province, in the south. This whole area is full of strawberry farms. However, I lived in Daegu, and my friend drove me, so I’m not sure how to get there from Seoul.

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