Around Town: Above, Below, Outskirts and Animals

Rooftops are always a way to see a place. When I lived in Portland, I enjoyed a wonderful view of Mt Saint Helens from my rooftop. While I have not been granted rooftop access where I live, some of the apartments I’ve been to offer fine perspectives of their neighborhoods and beyond.

Several stories up in the air, rooftops offer a delightful breeze in the balmy summer, and of course the sunsets never get old.

One way to spend free time in the city is to frequent museums and public exhibits. This photo was taken at an exhibit about lunch hour in New York City at the New York Public Library in Midtown. While I did not particularly crave any of this depicted food, I did learn about historical school lunches and the development of today’s many culinary options.

Another accessible public spectacle is Socrates Park, where anyone can go for free to view the large-scale outdoor sculptures.

It is a relaxing place to enjoy the East River from the western side of Queens.

There are also countless landmarks, public displays and clustered, yet orderly, pieces of scenery that I’ve overlooked throughout the years, and I am just beginning to notice.

Taking it to the outskirts, I went to Rockaway Beach for the first time last month, and have returned, as well as made plans to return in the future.

Under the ground level, riding the subway can be a learning experience. Last week, in the tunnel, I was even enlightened as to what the inside of a payphone looks like.

These particular museums, sculpture parks, beaches and subways are there to please, educate and transport the public. However, on a personal level, to connect with the beings in my surroundings, I believe I am destined to find the cats of each town, city, country and continent.

Whether they are on scratching posts, in the grass, on a bench or someone’s lap, I will notice them.

Walking around the streets, I’ve even had some encounters with some unexpected animals.

And, there is always more to learn, see and find.

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